Save the Easter Bunny!

cruelty-free by The Body Shop, Urban Decay, Lush.
Cruelty-free products by The Body Shop, Urban Decay, and Lush.

Easter is on its way to fill our houses with delicious chocolate treats. However, besides those beautiful golden Godiva bars, what else comes to mind when you think of this holiday? I bet you thought of cute, soft little bunnies, am I right? For this reason, I bring up a very important subject today: cruelty-free beauty products.

As time would have it, we have become more environmentally driven. With the amount of information available today, we have grown more educated about the importance of incorporating cruelty-free products into our lives. Unfortunately, many companies still test on animals because it’s less expensive than other methods. You’ll find that it’s fairly easy to find animal-friendly options to your favorite products.

Buying animal-friendly beauty products means that no animal suffered in laboratories in order to make them. Next time you’re out shopping, try to choose a cruelty-free alternative. By doing so, you’ll feel that you’re actually making a difference, and teaching big companies that we’re interested in making this world a better place.

Listed below, you’ll find three great options for your next bunny–friendly purchase:

1. The Body Shop – Chocolate and a day at a spa? Sounds like a great plan for this Easter. Spa of the World (Japanese Camellia Cream) is a new product from Body Shop. It’s a cream that gently softens and moisturizes your skin leaving that “after spa” feeling.

2. Urban Decay – One of the best vegan products Urban Decay carries is the Naked Illuminated for face and body. And what does it have to do with Easter? Nothing. It’s just wonderful, and it’s always good to spread some sparkle, so why not wear this shimmer silky powder?

3. Lush – Since we’re talking about Easter, how about trying the new bath bomb melt, The Golden Egg? Fill your bathtub with warm water, and then drop the Golden Egg. Let your whole body indulge this creamy toffee-scented bath.

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