The M. Gemi Letto Boots

M. Gemi Letto
M. Gemi Letto
M. Gemi Letto
M. Gemi Letto
M. Gemi Letto Boots
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One could say that the Letto is not the most stylish of M.Gemi’s offerings. Compared with their fashion-forward pumps, flats, and over-the-knee boots (not my favorite style, because even with the low heel, it can look like Pretty Woman really quickly), the M. Gemi Letto reminds me of the quiet understudy—i.e., given the chance, it can perform and shine.

The Letto is a pair of no-nonsense ankle boots that can be thrown on without looking like one of the Olsen twins circa mid-2000s. With elastic gore for easy slip on, I initially thought these would strictly be for Fridays or weekend wear, but they have chameleonic qualities that is similar to the understated elegance of Agnes B. Paris. With the almond toe, they can be dressy when worn with a blazer, pencil skirt, and opaque tights, and casual-cool with skinny jeans and a black moto jacket.

Even with thin cotton dress socks they are surprisingly warm, which should keep you nice and toasty as the temperature dips. The overall quality is comparable to premium designer brands and you can feel the solid craftsmanship as you walk in them.

Being handcrafted in Italy, the soft but constructed vitello leather does need some breaking in, so I wouldn’t walk a couple of crosstown city blocks or more on the first day of wear like I did. With the 3.35-inch stacked heel, breaking them in slowly over the course of a week or so would be ideal. If you are a Louboutin or Manolo pump wearer, however, you could probably run through midtown during lunch hour in these without feeling a pinch.

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