Central Park in the Fall

Photos: Alan L. Ambron/Larietta.com

One thing about having lived on the Upper East Side for so long is that between partiers that flood Second Avenue on weekends and sirens blazing all night despite double-pane windows, is that one can easily forget living close to the beauty that is Central Park.

There is something about the sound of crisp fall leaves and the subtle scent of eastern white pine, while walking through unbeaten paths that brings one back to nature. It is the force that breathes life into the city and has been immortalized in many a literary story.

If you happen to be in New York, and you have trekked from the entrance on 59th and visited the obligatory Boat House and other more touristy areas, try to check out Central Park’s little cubbyholes. In the North End are the Loch and the Pool, which are all best visited midmorning or midafternoon if you want to take photos and avoid the harsh midday sun. There you can enjoy the sound of silence—a quiet respite from the bustle of the city.

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